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For love, not money

I got an interesting email today asking about licensing some of my photos (specifically, some of these). Apparently TLC's My Strange Addiction is going ahead with the segment they had planned on furries.

It's not the kind of production my friends would like to be associated with, so I turned them down. But I admit it was tempting to "sell out" - I didn't push for a figure, but it'd probably have gone a long way towards paying for WikiFur's annual hosting (or my trip to FC).

Making progress on Metapix, though it's not much to look at yet. I have plugins logging in to FA, dA, Inkbunny, Artspots, Furocity and VCL (SoFurry is on the list, along with many other sites, but I can wait until their new API is ready). BBCode to HTML and filtering for descriptions/journals appears to be working. Still figuring out the UI.
Tags: metapix
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