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[Metapix] So what do artists use, anyway?

As noted, my current coding project is a mutli-gallery management tool called Metapix. Its primary goal is to help creative members of the furry fandom upload their work to multiple sites.

Part of developing software is identifying requirements - and one key question is which sites it needs to support in order to be useful. The fewer plugins I have to develop, the more time I can spend on each, and on the rest of the program.

To this end, I asked 101 dealers and artists at Further Confusion 2011 what sites they use to host their work, what sites they might use if it were easier (including inactive accounts), and what other sites they used to tell people about their work. The results might surprise you . . . at least, in their conclusive support for certain sites:

NameUsers [Potential]Count
Galleries etc.
Fur Affinity9812345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678
deviantART65 [14] 12345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345 [12345678901234]
ArtSpots16 [6]1234567890123456 [123456]
Inkbunny11 [7]12345678901 [1234567]
SoFurry7 [1]1234567 [1]
y!Gallery6 [2]123456 [12]
Own site6123456
VCL2 [7]12 [1234567]
Furocity1 [2]1 [12]
SheezyArt1 [2]1 [12]
e6211 [1]1 [1]
Eka's portal11
FTP host11

They're also quite fortunate for me - it looks like I could launch with 6-7 gallery plugins and a couple of notification plugins and satisfy the vast majority of users. Even four plugins would be enough for an alpha version.

Response to the basic concept was extremely positive. Almost all artists had more than one gallery, and most were irritated by having to repeat the process of posting work and journals in multiple locations. Many liked the idea of a global message center, and some wanted notifications on events like notes/messages and sometimes shouts/comments - though generally not watches or +favs.

For the curious, here's the list of raw responses:

FA, Inkbunny, SoFurry
FA, did use dA but stopped because of cencorship and drama
FA, dA
FA, LJ sometimes, y!Gallery (feral + shape issues)
dA, FA, previously used Side7,
dA, FA, y!Gallery, Inkbunny
FA, maybe would like to know when they get notes
FA, eka's portal, SoFurry, dA, Fchan, rule34
FA, Inkbunny, a bit of dA
FA, dA, would like notificaiton
FA, Artspots sometimes but I don't think of it
- server-run? email? rather than a program
- shouldn't have to be running all the time
- should detect and tell you new messages
FA, dA, has AS but doesn't use. Posts links to LJ
FA, dA, would like to combine, filter based on site, Twitter
FA, dA, sometimes AS, would use Metapix, LJ+photobucket
FA, dA, LJ links to site, likes dA's categorization system
Photobucket, FA, dA but only in certain situations, has Inkbunny, VCL
- would like comment notifaction, streaming, Twitter +LJ to notify
- integrate with Storenvy?
dA, FA, rules a concern
FA, dA, queue uploads, do it in the background
FA, might use,
FA, website - big boxes
FA, dA
Website + FA, like backup
- self-contained in one place
- HTML is hard, pastes a link on LJ to website
FA, dA, personal website
- prefers to establish presence only in one place
- uses LJ posts but source on website
FA, dA, photoalbum + website
FA because it has traffic
FA, dA, SheezyArt, own webpage
FA, used LJ, would like to use with dA
FA, announec on Twitter, Facebook
FA only, would probably not use
FA, dA, would use on AS, Inkbunny, has Twitter
- likes comment notification,
FA, dA
FA, dA, would use on Inkbunny, Elftwood, SheezyArt, Furocity, FAP, VCL
- Would like notification on comments
FA, dA, LJ using their photo gallery, Facebook, Etsy
- Twitter points to Etsy or Facebook
FA, dA but don't like policieis, might use, might use Facebook to announce
FA, dA, Paperdemon, message center post to twitter
dA, FA, would like to have notiifcations
FA, comment notification
FA, dA, SoFurry, Inkbunny, uses Twitter to link
FA, dA, y!Gallery, Blogspot, no notify
FA, dA, would use, option of notify
FA, dA, use LJ to promote
FA, sometimes dA, Inkbunny, AS, y!Gallery, Wordpress, LJ+Twitter as promotion
-widgets or tools on Wordpress to have a feed of art
FA, used VCL, got addicted to Facebook, post to LJ, using link to FTP on Tugrik's server
FA, used dA
dA, FA, could use e621, annoyed by VCL, didn't get fans on there
dA, ArtSpots, FA, Inkbunny
FA now, would use dA, had VCL, has LJ+photobucket and Twitter
dA, FA,, Twitter for announcements, filter notoification text on maturity
dA, y!Gallery, FA
FA, dA, would use AS, Inkbunny
FA, dA, selective upload
FA, LJ, dA sometimes, Facebook, don't care about messaging, RSS feeds
FA, Inkbunny, SoFurry, dA
FA, have dA, SoFurry, SheezyArt, Photobucket and point to it in forums
Website, FA, rule34, pixiv, Inkbunny, SoFurry, Wordpress, e621, HentaiGallery, had y!Gallery
- care about shouts and comments, not +watch or +fav
FA, dA, ArtSpots, VCL, mostly same
FA, dA, AS, would use Inkbunny, Furocity, upload to Tumblr, Facebook point to art
- message center+note notification
FA, dA, Inkbunny, Furocity, ArtZ, ArtSpots, notification system
dA, FA some, Twitter, comment notiifcation
FA, dA, Flickr, notify in system tray
FA, dA, comment notification via email
Facebook, Twitpix, LJ, have dA but don't use, Etsy
FA, dA, y!Gallery, Twitter with links, wants systray popup notification
FA, dA sometimes, portfolio on Blogger, Twitter, would like to get notiifed
ArtSpots, use tags, keywords, text descriptions, would like transfer
FA, have dA, AS, might use LJ, notify in system tray
FA, ArtSpots, would use
FA, SoFurry for some
FA, Inkbunny
FA, dA
dA, Tumblr, FA, would use
FA, VCL, no more
FA, had dA but don't use it anymore, would like FA -> VCL, would use
FA, dA, ArtSpots, not others - not shared, use for different things
FA, dA, maybe Inkbunny, would like notification
dA, FA, LJ with photobucket,
FA, dA
FA, dA, point to clean art only on Facebook, LJ, Twitter
FA, dA, AtSpots, some overlap
FA, dA, formely ArtSpots (too much hassle for return), LJ+photobucket
FA, have dA, FB using photo system, want to import profile to IB
dA, personal space, uses twitter announcements
FA, Inkbunny sometimes, dA, ArtSpots, don't link to FA, Twitter
FA, has dA, probably would not use others
FA, had dA
FA, just like it, no notification
FA, dA, like notification
FA, SoFurry only for comic, noitifications to system tray
dA, FA, have AS but don't use it, notify for comments,
- announcements on LJ +Twitter (embedded art link to dA+FA)
FA, dA, AS, no notification but email
dA, FA, Twitter posts linking to FA
- should know to tag "furry" on dA but not FA
FA, have IB, dA but don't use, comment notification
FA, have dA, y!Gallery, would use others, comment notifiication
FA, have VCL, had DA, would be easier with program, but prefer a site
FA, dA but hate it, use ArtSpots for some things
FA, dA rarely because of rating, AS
- like email notiifcation on notes, not shouts
- per-site notification settings, don't care about all things on all sites (grid?)
FA, dA, website, WP+PHPGallery, FB, LJ, Zazzle, immediate comment+note notify
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