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A new, new life in the colonies . . .

Spring is a time for change. I've been at Stardock for almost six years now, and it's been pretty sweet. But few good things last forever.

For those who heard the rumours — yes, it's true. I'm going to work for GameStop!

As some of you already know, Stardock had some problems recently. Over the last few weeks it became clear that I'd be moving on, along with a number of my friends.

Thankfully, the company has a few contacts in the retail industry, who were glad to welcome us all on board. Indeed, things moved fast considering I'm their first visa-based employee (no surprise given their business).

Unfortunately, in the current economy, pressure for jobs at GameStop has never been higher; the only place they could find for me was at one of their Dallas locations. Yes, that's Dallas, Texas! Still, I flew 3800 miles to get here; a mere 1000 should be a snap, and it puts me right next to Furry Fiesta.

I'm not exactly a morning person, but the 8:30AM-6PM shifts should leave plenty of time to work on WikiFur, Flayrah and Metapix once I get home. The dress code is also a little more formal than I'm used to - which could make it tricky to cycle to work, given the temperature after April. Oh well; I hear they have buses, which is one up on Northville . . .

Needless to say, the pay isn't exactly what I was making after five years at Stardock - but with my 15% associate discount plus the potential for promotion, the hourly rate is very reasonable, and I've been promised plenty of them. Besides, it's hardly a hardship for a norn to live on cheese and carrots!

Please wish me luck in my new job, which I hope to hold on to for at least another year! ;-)

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