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Cell phone service on ~$5/month? It can be done!

Whenever I need more service on my Tracfone, I drop by Turk Forums to see what promotions are on. I normally get about 40 extra minutes out of it, out this time there was a rare 60 bonus minute option available on 60 min/90 day cards. Great! I already have double minutes, so that triples it.

But when I go to purchase, I notice some "supersize" options . . .

There were two for minutes - not a great deal, they were basically like buying a 60 minute card without double minutes. But there was also an intriguing 365 day option! So here's what I got: 180 minutes, 455 days of service for $76.49 including taxes/fees.

If you figure it by minutes, it sounds pretty bad - $0.425/minute. But I was only paying for minutes with $22 of that, so it's closer to $0.12/minute. More importantly, the service costs just $0.168/day, or $5.11/month. (This is on AT&T's network roaming for free to T-Mobile, incidentally.)

So wait, you say, just 180 minutes for a year and three months of service? Well, days of service are what I run out of; most days I don't use my phone at all (yay Skype/MSN!). I have 325 minutes now. and I can buy more at a reasonable rate. For me, this is a good deal.

Bonus: Emergency alarm at work! Traffic was terrible. If this had been a real emergency we'd totally have been toasting in the stairwells.
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