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On the plus side!

The Wednesday that I got my prescription, I went to a Windows 8 Hackathon, where I spent about eight hours mocking up an app based around displaying recent/popular submissions to Inkbunny. Yes, I played the furry card, explaining the potential of 100,000 users to the voting audience . . . and I won!

Specifically, I won a Samsung Series 7 tablet, or something close to it, and a $500 gift card (probably to the Microsoft Store). I've not received it yet, so I don't know exactly what I can do with it, but it looks to be a useful "second screen" to have around. And hey, if I can finish that app, all the better. No point in having a comprehensive API if it's not used . . .

(And a moment of irony - I used a Google Engage for Agencies promotional mouse to help test the pinch movement, since my tablet's side-slider didn't count as a wheel-roll.)
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