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Two good things!

So the tests are in . . . and the results are good! My c-reactive protein is down from 64 mg/L last month to 5, which is technically just inside normal. My sedimentation rate is 29 mm/hr; still high, but about half what it was (and it goes down more slowly anyway). The upshot: methotrexate is working. I have a slightly increased prescription, and we'll see how that goes.

Secondly, my Series 7 Slate shipped; I should get it next week, and the gift card a little later. I'm hopeful that it's the new one with the keyboard dock, since they just started releasing hands-on reviews, and it's officially shipping with Windows 8. Looks to be the ultimate art machine, too - a real computer powerful enough to do everything you need while also letting you draw on it at 1080p resolution like a tablet (because it is one). Maybe I should try dusting off my tablet software . . .

Update: Of course, they shipped it to the wrong address. Let's hope they can fix that before it gets here! Also, looks like it's the old one, but hey, still, free PC. :-D
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