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I Am a Camera!

Since my well-used K10D DSLR was stolen at FC, I've been considering my options. My needs are the same as five and a half years ago - a rugged tool for photography at a reasonable price.

I still have most of the Pentax lenses - unfortunately, my DA 40mm f/2.8 Limited was on it at the time - so I was strongly biased towards Pentax. Fortunately, they have a good deal - the K-5. Yes, it's 2010's model, but I'd rather take the $300 savings for a used model over the K-5 II, which is at best an incremental upgrade. I used 2/3 of that to acquire a replacement for the 40mm - the 35mm f/2.4. Not quite as compact, and it's a plastic body, but from what everyone says, the output looks great.

As a plus, I might be able to capture video with the new model. It won't be fancy, but better than not having the option at all.
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