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Trying out Furrlough, Genus, Gold Digger and more . . .

Finally got around to ordering my Lifetime Subscription reward from the "Help Save Radio Comix!" campaign (Flayrah article). Looks like they've been plenty busy, judging by the recent comments, which makes me feel a little better about waiting.

So, what did I get?
  • Gold Digger: Edge Guard Trade Paperback
  • Cantrip the Magic Rabbit Vol. 1 TPB
  • Furrlough #190, #191, #192
  • Furrlough's Finest #1, #2
  • Furrlough Color Special #1
  • Genus Greatest Hits #2, #3, #4
  • Wildlifers Special #1
  • . . . and of course I get every comic book published by Radio Comix after that, assuming they stay in business.
Not a bad deal, considering I paid $100 and the above works list for just over that! I haven't bought any of these before - I'm not a collector - so they got a new customer at least.

The trade paperbacks were relatively simple since most they seemed to sell were non-furry manga. Comics were trickier - I figured the "best of" were a better deal than the average edition (though maybe they just get cheaper reprint rights, I don't know . . .). The latest Furrloughs are also in a new format - and hey, more pages is good, right?
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