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Huffington Post takes a closer look at furry

Tags: furry
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That was a pretty good article. Couple notes of interest: They again misrepresented the MWFF incident as a gas leak; Also it's interesting to see the author use the word "fursuit" so casually and without an explicit definition. I wonder what rcking will say when the word eventually makes its way into Merriam-Webster. :P
Yep. I told them about the gas leak thing but it didn't get corrected with the other corrections I sent. Odd, but maybe it would have required more effort and they were busy.
That is pretty wild. And here I thought I was just making a bad pun. I guess if a word is useful, it takes on a life of its own.
The article failed to mention that you ran an art site too...

Thank Frith for omissions .


December 19 2014, 01:49:35 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  December 19 2014, 01:55:45 UTC

Umm, no, it's right there. Look harder. They gave it a link, even. :-)
I don't think anyone clicking that link would be too off-put, though.
As a bit of a counter-point, it's worth noting that the oft-flamed CSI episode, MTV story, etc., were from the early 2000s, and thus probably based on the snapshot of the furry fandom in the late 90s. Many people in the fandom today may not have been involved in the mid/late 90s, but having been to many west-coast cons in the 1997+ timeframe, I can say with certainty that it was MUCH more sexual than it has been in recent years. I suspect that's a direct result of a handful of people in "authority" getting a good look in the mirror and realizing something had to change if they still wanted hotels to lease them space. :)

Has anyone heard anything further about the MFF thing?