March 23rd, 2002


Heading home!

Well, I'm semi-packed for the move tomorrow. Back home - unfortunately to the good 'ol modem, but you can't get everything, I suppose. :-\

The thing is, I'm happy here. Really happy, moreso than I've ever been (for a reasonable length of time). Lectures are no problem, the university is great - it has everything I need (apart from pickled onions) - and I feel content here. I don't want it to end. Ah well, at least I know what it's like for once. :-)

The TabletPC Beta1 Refresh came today. So I can now write stuff in my VB apps (heck, even in Access, Excel, etc) and have it recognize the text. How cool is that? Definitely something to look at over Easter. *g*

Coming up to 4AM here, so sleep calls. Dreams? Doubt it, but let's see . . .

Oh, and one last thing - my second bursary check arrived! Time to make some random purchases! Or not - I never was very good at them for some reason. I'm sure I can think of some worthwile things to do, though.
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(no subject)

Woot. So somebody set off the fire alarm just after my last post. And there was much rejoycing. Oh yes. :-p
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