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It's been a month . . . [19 May 2002|06:57pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Well, I've been neglecting this space a bit - here's an update:

* I finished my special project (will write more about it when it's released) and just installed the payment - a GeForce 4 Ti 4600. Which is nice. *g*

* I got elected Head of Online Media for URB (against huge competition ;-).

* I found out not one, but two people actually want to pay me money to do things - *waves to people who read his livejournal*

* Finished loads of coursework, including some rather stressful UI design.

* Got all my forms off to my summer employer, Motorola. Now I just have to get a mobile phone before then, otherwise I'll look a bit silly. :-)

OK, so it doesn't sound all that much, but trust me, it's been hectic!

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