September 20th, 2002


No, I'm not dead. Really.

I always find some excuse for not updating this. I guess I'm just not a good journalist. :-)

Grades came back from uni a while back - I think I placed about 5th in the year. Not bad, but I could probably do better. Next year looks to be packed, though, so it may not be easy doing so - and heck, if I can keep this up I'll be on track for a first anyway.

Canada was nice, as usual, although I'm sure my dad's network will fall apart instantly now I'm not there to maintain it.

Work at Motorla went well. I didn't actually have all that much to do - half the time, I was waiting for someone to get back to me, and at the end I'd finished everything and there was no time to train me for anything else, so I ended up just web surfing. Oh, and we went bowling at one point (morale booster - they're cutting jobs). Not quite my cup of tea; but eh, it was free. All in all, not bad, considering the pay.

I moved to my new digs the weekend before starting at Motorola. It's a nice house, with people I know and at a reasonable price - things are turning out pretty well. Of course, I'll still have to get the bus to uni, but that'd be true anywhere. Of course, there's always something . . .

Broadband has been a neverending nightmare for the last two months. It's really, really stupid - we somehow managed to get into the situation where BT Openworld were charging us for a service which we weren't able to access and they would continue to do so for the next eleven months. Crazy. Well, it's all over now, hopefully - we're going with Zen who have a slightly better reputation than BT (if higher prices).

I think I need to get into another skin - I've had a few ideas - but perhaps I should wait until WindowBlinds 4 comes closer. Plus I'm probably going to have enough on the plate with the start of uni. Of course, it takes me long enough to plan them that I'll probably not have it finished in months, so maybe I should start now . . . *grin*

Oh, and it's my 20th (well, yesterday, but it's still early ;-). So yay for me.
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