February 22nd, 2007


Furry fandom survey by UC Davis Department of Psychology

The UC Davis Department of Psychology has posted a survey on the furry fandom. I strongly encourage all furs 18 or over to take it.

Yes, it sounds a lot like a prank. That's what I thought two weeks ago when I hid their first post on wikifur! I have since been in communication with three separate members of the Social and Personality Group at the university to confirm its legitimacy, and helped to refine the survey. The questions are in line with the Department's research, and while many are personal, all are optional.

In short, I am confident that this is the Real Deal, and the survey results are likely to help further our understanding of the fandom, so please take part.

Edit: This survey is now closed, having reached its target of 600 surveys in less than five days. Thanks to all who took part! For those wishing to contact the study group, the address is studyf3 _at_ gmail _dot_ com
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