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Anthrocon Omni hotel room slot available [28 May 2007|04:38pm]
This slot is now filled. Thanks for reading, and see you all there...

Want to go to Anthrocon but not got a room yet? I am looking for a single person to join an existing group at the Omni hotel (five minute's walk from the con hotel, and half that from the airport bus stop on 7th) for Thursday evening through Monday morning.

You will be rooming with three WikiFur administrators from the UK, US, and Canada, one of whom is a fursuiter. The room rate will be split equally four ways, coming to just $120 ($30/day) including taxes for all four nights. The room is a non-smoking double. Male or female welcome, as are artists, dealers and other fursuiters - and, of course, regular fans. Please, no illegal drugs. :-)

If you're looking for a quiet room - perhaps for your first time at a con - with several respectable furs who are hoping to have a great time at Anthrocon at a reasonable price, look no further! Reply below, or contact me privately.
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