June 22nd, 2007


It's tablet time! Also, new glasses.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to talk to Wacom about the possibility of getting an upgrade from my original Graphire, given that I've done some software that they've benefited from in the past, and would like to add new features to it. One of their programmers said he'd see what he could do. Today I found a refurbished 6x8" (A5) intuos3 dropped into my lap at work!

Here's how it looks next to my old Graphire. It makes the old one look like a toy; though I've seen and used both toy tablets and other tablets that felt like toys - the Graphire is really way above them, but the intuos is in another class. It's got lots of cool features like sensing which way the pen is tilted and the touch-sensitive strips at the right (usable with fingers).

I'll probably pick up the rotation-sensing art pen and maybe the airbrush separately so I have access to all the tablet capabilities (the airbrush is kinda "cheap" while also being rather expensive so I may not - all it adds is another pressure measurement).

Also today I picked up my two new sets of glasses. Here's how the ones I'll be wearing most look (I also got a pair that can best be described as "Harry Potter-esque". The lens is scarily thin for my prescription - it's amazing what they can do with high-index glass these days. The fun part is they're green on the inside. :-)

Bonus: As I was checking out the reviews for the intuos3 on Amazon (summary: they're good, and if you're a pro digital artist or want to be, you should get one - which I agree with totally, all the artists at Stardock have them), I noticed that someone had mistakenly started selling them at 90% off. So I ordered all three for less than $150 including shipping - and the order went through! I expect I'll have an awkward email in the morning canceling it; but hey, worth a shot.
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