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The sweet side of "post-industrial" pollution [24 Jul 2013|03:08pm]
Fun story in The Atlantic which includes pumping molasses into Silicon Valley's water table to clean up high-tech pollution.
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First impressions on the Chromecast concept [24 Jul 2013|04:33pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Chromecast looks perfect for watching artists on LiveStream. I have a TV I only use as a test PC monitor, and it has a spare HDMI port. Would free up my real monitors on my main box for apps (and there'd probably be less crashing due to overheating - Texas is killer on my RAM). The three months of free Netflix is great, too.

I think it would be interesting as a general-purpose streaming device, too. However, Google's development terms give me pause. Not keen on the concept of restriction on what can be developed with a paid-for device.

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