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Letter from USAia

Yes, well the flights went well enough, even if I did have to go via Atlanta (for the non-USAians, that's about two hour's flight away from Detroit - almost all the way from Oldgryphland in the South to the North). Didn't hear about the bombing until I got there. CNN was all "so should everyone in NY be terrified?" - way to help the terrorists win, CNN.

Stardock seems nice. The new building is fine - not hugely luxurious, but not terribly cramped either. I'm going to be working on interesting things with interesting people. Could be a lot worse. :-)

Social security number, driver's license, bank account, apartment, car . . . all things I don't have. Will have to work on that. I'm staying with one of the Stardock folks (who ironically is just in the process of moving in himself).

My computer is still in bits, but may become less so over the weekend. Will be interesting to see if my "packing" worked. The computer I have here is nice - Athlon 64 4000+, shiny black HP. Taken today to set it up, along with all the form-signing that goes with a new job.

Fun note: I'm staying late, as Kris does and Brad is taking us both out to dinner. Since they have offices, I'm the only one in the cubicle section, and the lights keep turning off because I'm not moving around enough. :-)
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