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Strange dreams

I don't normally have dreams, but I did this morning, and it was a doozy, so I thought I'd share it with you.

My memory of the dream began half-way through the story - I'm not sure if the previous part was actually dreamt and I forgot it, but I don't think so.

I was watching some creatures in combat training lining up in rows to take a swipe at an opposing member of the troop. Some of them were clearly too small to possibly play a part - one was almost pea-sized and couldn't even be seen above their helmet.

I went wandering for a while, and in a dead end somewhere I found a high-backed chair made of plush fur (purple, very much like a mow) and with a grinning face of a fursuiter (like the Cheshire Cat's grin) built into the pattern of the back, such that it appeared as if there was actually someone in there. The truth of this became clear when I sat down it it - it was very comfortable - and it began to move around under its own power. I zipped around the level in it for a short time.

At some point I decided I had to get on with my mission. So, I took the elevator to level 10, to see and (perhaps) confront the boss there. I could see them through a large plate-glass window, sauntering with a friend by a pool - they appeared to be furries, one looked a bit like Krystal - but I wasn't quite sure how to get to them, and was worried that I couldn't beat them.

There was a huge crowd of people walking around in a queue system that seemed to loop back on itself. Many of them had surgical-type masks over their heads - although a few of them appeared to have bras made into surgical marks. Perhaps they ran out of real ones. The reason quickly became apparent, as I met several guards, and one tried to chloroform me. I took their bottle and waved it under a few people's noses, though most of them just ran away.

I had previously taken one of the bra-like masks from another person to protect myself, but decided to go and get a proper one from the medical bay. There was some debate with the other occupants about whether the medical facility was level 9.5 or level 9. It turned out to be 9. However, once I got there, I found it deserved and somewhat decrepit, and an audio announcement directed me to where they were being distributed on the first level.

I got back into the elevator again, which zoomed me down. For some reason - probably that I'd spent the prior evening playing Black & White, whose villagers love to demand wood - I realized I also needed some firewood.

The setting for this new level appeared to be a large village square, with a map in front of me with the few roads outlined as little logs. One of the people in the elevator had a small conversation with me, and then disappeared in a taxi. There was a sign with the roads drawn as logs, and a mention of surgical marks on Main Street and firewood on Welcome, but I couldn't see where Welcome was, despite checking several times. Fortunately, a gang of fursuiters trundled across the grassy square and offered to take me along with them.

The suits were well-made, and I remember one person specifically appeared to have magic or technology (or script, a-la Second Life) which made little green hoof-marks wherever he walked. Unlike the other levels, most people here appeared to be in suit, and on the way I encountered a few more familiar "faces" - I particularly remember banrai turning up (I think she was spray-painting a wall).

We had travelled a short way and turned off into a more forested area which shortly came to a dead end. I couldn't see any mention of Welcome, and I was about to ask where we were going, when a new person arrived with what appeared to be either a rabbit or roo-like fursuit. They gave mention of helping them "try it out", with a strange implication in their voice. I seem to remember checking to see if there were any "special" attachments or openings to the suit, but there didn't seem to be - in fact, it wasn't as good as the others there, it was closer to the oversized off-the-shelf ones you can get.

As the only non-suiter in the group, it seemed to fall to me to help them into the suit. I held it open and they immediately dived into the body - it didn't seem to have a zip, just an opening at the head, maybe some velcro to attach the shoulders. The dream ended with me unwrapping of the new fursuiter's real head from the transparent plastic film wrapping the interior and providing a sleeve to the neck (like you get on some packaging) as it emerged from the body, so that they didn't suffocate.

And that's it! I'm sure there's a short story or two in there somewhere. :-)
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