I Am a Camera!

Since my well-used K10D DSLR was stolen at FC, I've been considering my options. My needs are the same as five and a half years ago - a rugged tool for photography at a reasonable price.

I still have most of the Pentax lenses - unfortunately, my DA 40mm f/2.8 Limited was on it at the time - so I was strongly biased towards Pentax. Fortunately, they have a good deal - the K-5. Yes, it's 2010's model, but I'd rather take the $300 savings for a used model over the K-5 II, which is at best an incremental upgrade. I used 2/3 of that to acquire a replacement for the 40mm - the 35mm f/2.4. Not quite as compact, and it's a plastic body, but from what everyone says, the output looks great.

As a plus, I might be able to capture video with the new model. It won't be fancy, but better than not having the option at all.
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Anthrocon 2013 flights booked - next up, room!

I was almost resigned to paying American $440 to get to AC this year, then up pops my Kayak alert - DFW-PIT return via Delta, for just $301! . . . sure, it's via Minneapolis, but that just means more miles, right? :-)

I actually have enough miles to book the flight with them (legacy of flying out of Detroit for six years), but at this price (deep-discount V-fare on all segments) it doesn't make much sense. Better to save them for a later - hopefully more direct - flight. Departs at 7AM, but it wouldn't be the first time; it gets me there before registration opens on Thursday, and I'll have plenty of time to say goodbye on Monday with a 5:25PM return.

Fun fact: Spirit have just started flying to Pennsylvania from DFW; unfortunately, their flights land at an airport over an hour's drive from Pittsburgh. Add in a taxi and a train ride (if you can fit the schedule) and it's just not worth it. Was an interesting option to investigate, though.

Next up: Hotel room. Anyone got a slot free? (Thursday night-Monday morning, obviously. Not that picky about location.)

Heading to FC - any room?

It's that time of year again - Further Confusion! I'm flying out early on Friday morning, and would need a room for Friday night to Tuesday morning. Anyone got a slot? I can pay my way, don't have much in the way of luggage, and I don't drink or smoke. Any of the three hotels are fine. Would prefer a bed space if possible, fine with sharing.

Two good things!

So the tests are in . . . and the results are good! My c-reactive protein is down from 64 mg/L last month to 5, which is technically just inside normal. My sedimentation rate is 29 mm/hr; still high, but about half what it was (and it goes down more slowly anyway). The upshot: methotrexate is working. I have a slightly increased prescription, and we'll see how that goes.

Secondly, my Series 7 Slate shipped; I should get it next week, and the gift card a little later. I'm hopeful that it's the new one with the keyboard dock, since they just started releasing hands-on reviews, and it's officially shipping with Windows 8. Looks to be the ultimate art machine, too - a real computer powerful enough to do everything you need while also letting you draw on it at 1080p resolution like a tablet (because it is one). Maybe I should try dusting off my tablet software . . .

Update: Of course, they shipped it to the wrong address. Let's hope they can fix that before it gets here! Also, looks like it's the old one, but hey, still, free PC. :-D
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On the plus side!

The Wednesday that I got my prescription, I went to a Windows 8 Hackathon, where I spent about eight hours mocking up an app based around displaying recent/popular submissions to Inkbunny. Yes, I played the furry card, explaining the potential of 100,000 users to the voting audience . . . and I won!

Specifically, I won a Samsung Series 7 tablet, or something close to it, and a $500 gift card (probably to the Microsoft Store). I've not received it yet, so I don't know exactly what I can do with it, but it looks to be a useful "second screen" to have around. And hey, if I can finish that app, all the better. No point in having a comprehensive API if it's not used . . .

(And a moment of irony - I used a Google Engage for Agencies promotional mouse to help test the pinch movement, since my tablet's side-slider didn't count as a wheel-roll.)
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My only regret . . .

It started with a stiffness walking into the office from the parking lot each morning. At first I put this down to my move to Texas, and spring weather - I'd had a cold the first few winters in Michigan. My kneecap came out of alignment, but was fixed after a few days of wrapping. My hands hurt, but I type a lot, so I figured it was just a bit of RSI.

A few months later it became hard to get out of my car; then, out of bed. I tried a memory-foam bed topper, which helped, but not enough. By July, I was in pain just trying to raise my arms over my head to get a shirt off in the mornings, or to get to sleep at night; rolling into the shower had become a fifteen-minute ordeal.

Yes; like that guy, I have BoneitisCollapse )
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RP in RL: the CrayolaPad

When roleplaying online, one of my regular props is the CrayolaPad, which I typically describe as looking much like a souped-up Etch-a-Sketch, complete with rounded knobs, brightly-coloured plastic exterior, and a fun sound whenever you shake it on or off. It's the perfect PDA for a norn, suitable for reading, drawing and taking and showing photos while being spill-resistant and Grendel-proof.

Well, it looks like my idea was ahead of its time, because Crayola actually made a CrayolaPad Light - presumably sans electronics and shakiness. Useful for those who want to make fun drawings on the go! (Thanks to ceralor for the photo.)
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The Yarf Chronology is now the Flayrah Chronology!

Whew. Just got done publishing Fred Patten's revised (and now illustrated) Chronology of Furry Fandom, 1966–1996 on Flayrah.

This is the same document that was published all those years ago in Yarf!, but with many updates and additions from Fred - and, of course, lots and lots of images, both linked and embedded.

LiveJournal's RSS feed processor is down right now, so it's not showing up on flayrah yet - you guys are the first on LJ to hear! Go read and learn something new about the fandom's early years. :-)
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