GreenReaper live on FurCast

I'm going to be interviewed on tonight's FurCast. The show starts at 8PM Eastern (in about four hours), though my interview's around 9PM. Wish me luck!

(If you have any burning questions that you want answered, you can ask them here.)

Edit: The show is over now, but my answers to the above questions are up, and you can catch the actual interview (with more details) at 73:16 into show FC-76.
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Amazon trying to reduce associates' income

Here's some recent changes in Amazon's associate agreement (for people who earn money off links pointing to Amazon's products).

Amazon's announcement of these changes focused on the benefit to associates who used a link to, who have 30 days to earn rather than the usual 24 hours. They failed to highlight the change that stops you earning if a user who clicked your link follows any other link to Amazon, not just that of another associate. (Update (late June): This has now changed to "any Special Link", i.e. another referral.)

Is this reasonable? Arguable. I suspect they've run the numbers and found quite a few people look around before putting an item in their cart, and in that case you might well lose out on what would otherwise have been a valid sale.

They are also forcing all non-small-claims disputes to go through arbitration. Wonder which lawsuit that was inspired by.
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Pre-publication pitfall for contextual advertising

The idea of contextual advertising used by Google AdSense/AdWords is great - match ads to the content, and readers are more likely to be interested.

Of course, you'll only get relevant ads if Google can see your content - and this goes beyond robots.txt. For example, many content-based sites have some kind of review process. The editors and submitter may be able to see the submitted piece, but anyone else trying to view the page it's on will get a 403 error - including the 'Mediapartners-Google' AdSense bot.

This doesn't work so well if that page is at the same URL as the one your readers access. The bot will try to crawl the piece when it's first submitted, fail, and won't try again until it's "old news", leaving your users with ads irrelevant to the page content. Whoops. The solution is not to show the ad block until the article is published - or provide a crawler login, but do you really want it basing ads off the first draft?
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How Discover tried to act smart, but just looked dumb

Some computer is out at whack over at Discover Personal Loans. They just sent me a promotional flyer comparing a loan of $16,000 at 7.99% APR against . . . wait for it . . . a loan of $16,000 at 7.99% APR. They then magically achieved thousands in savings by assuming that I'd pay off this loan in 48 months, rather than with minimum payments. (That's assuming you actually get 7.99% APR from them.)

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