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GreenReaper's Bibble

Musings of a wandering norn

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19 September 1982
I'm a Windows programmer (though I've used other systems) with particular experience in .NET, C++ and VBScript, Windows Vista, disassembly, networking, GUI design and WinTab graphics tablet programming (I wrote an open-source COM interface for it). Sounds dreadfully boring, no? Well, I enjoy it, and apparently people will pay me for it, so it's all good. *grin*

Hobby-wise, I do some drawing, but I've never been able to find the time to be even moderately good at it - there's always been something more interesting on (or a school deadline ;-). I have a great interest in Creatures, and am a co-founder of - and majority contributor to - the Creatures Wiki.

I am also a member of furry fandom, the founder of WikiFur (wikifur), editor-in-chief of furry news portal Flayrah (flayrah), and the lead administrator of Inkbunny. I have quite a few photos from furry conventions. I am also an editor at Wikipedia. There's more details on WikiFur and LinkedIn.

I used to be a WindowBlinds skinner - you can find my past work here. I hung out a lot on the WB and Stardock newsgroups. In fact, I hung out so long they ended up employing me as a research/tools developer - go figure! Six years later, GameStop bought out my part of the company, but I'm doing much the same thing for them.

So here I am - this is me. Want to know more? My inbox is always open. :-)

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